What Are The Benefits Of Green Tea ?

Green tea is the drink of the ancient Asia. Today, people have discovered many benefits of green tea for health. Even in Asia, the people also recorded the benefits of drinking green tea when in 1994, scientists of the Shanghai Cancer Institute conducted a survey on Chinese green tea drinkers and those who do not drink green tea on a large scale. As a result, if combining with non-smoking, those who drink green tea regularly are much less prone to esophageal cancer.

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Consequently, scientists want to find out why tea has effects of cancer prevention and when entering the human body, how has green tea “transformed”?

So, What are the benefits of green tea ?

Tea and cancer

Few years recently, the surveys have showed that green tea reduces the risk of bladder cancer, colon cancer, esophagus cancer, pancreas cancer, stomach cancer and anus cancer. The compound said to have properties of cancer prevention are polyphenols, a natural antioxidant mixture commonly found in herbs.
what are the benefits of drinking green tea

what are the health benefits of green tea

Indeed, green tea has anti-cancer effect very clearly. An experiment on female mice showed that it reduces lung cancer, only injecting the solution with 0.6% of green tea, we can immediately see the effect, moreover it also inhibits angiogenesis which develop new blood vessels to nourish the cancer.

Green tea for cardiovascular and aging problems

Another effect of tea is reducing blood cholesterol levels, especially the coronary arteries and pericardium will be better protected if you regularly consume green tea. It is unique that the more we drink green tea, the more significantly coronary artery diseases reduce and there are no side effects.

Scientists also discovered that green tea is effective in preventing the degeneration of the brain. Especially if the patients with affected brains by stroke or heart diseases use it regularly, they may reduce the negative effects of the cardiovascular diseases.

There are now many experiments which showed that green tea may help to prevent two serious diseases, they are Parkinson and Alzheimer.

The other uses

What Are The Benefits Of Green Tea

What are the benefits of green tea

Green tea has effect to regulate the blood sugar, reducing the pressure of type II diabetes, it reduces the amount of glucose in diabetic rats without affecting insulin.

Finally, scientists believe that tea can help to fight against arthritis, particularly rheumatoid arthritis, at least, it also helps to reduce swelling, pain and lesions in the cartilage.

With many good effects, green tea has a future of “cure” very brightly. Now people understand why many Asia people like drinking green tea, it is “the best drug” to maintain a youthful muscular body and a clear mind. When you get old, do you ask for anything more?

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